Outdoor recreation and Montana craft beer pairings

Autumn is in full swing and there is still plenty of time to get outside and play! No matter what your chosen outdoor recreation passion is, you can bet there is a finely crafted Montana beer that pairs perfectly with it. We asked our agents which Montana microbrews go with their favorite outdoor activities. Here are their thoughtful and well-researched answers…


“When I go camping, I like to drink a beer that is a little darker – it really just feels more like a camping beer to me. So I usually go with Coldsmoke from Kettlehouse. It comes in a pack-friendly, 16 oz can four-pack. Always a favorite for everyone when we camp.” Patrick Landon, Bigfork


“When I am fly fishing, my go-to is the Single Malt IPA from Blackfoot River Brewing Co, simply because I believe that it is the best Montana-made IPA.” Patrick Landon, Bigfork


“After hiking the Danny on Trail in Whitefish, the best beer to drink is the Huckleberry Blond Ale, aka “Huck It,” from Big Sky Brewing at the Summit House.” Julie Brown, Whitefish

“When we hike, we like to have a victory beer at the top of the mountain. So to cheers our accomplishment, I like to go with the Centennial IPA. It’s a great IPA made in honor of the 100-year anniversary of my favorite place, Glacier National Park.” Patrick Landon, Bigfork  

“After a long hike, grab a seat on Cranky Sam’s patio and enjoy a crisp, south-of-the-border-inspired, El Vaquero Mexican Lager.” Nate Christianson, Missoula

“I like to go to Bitterroot Brewery after hiking to drink a Huckleberry Honey (as long as it’s in the summer).” Kelly Whitmoyer, Hamilton


“I’ve been known to enjoy a Fresh Bong Water or Honey Hefe from Kettlehouse or any of the offerings from Oddpitch when I’m at concerts.” Bethany Taylor, Missoula 


“There is nothing better after a long day of shredding some powder than enjoying a Cold Smoke from Kettlehouse Brewery. This scotch ale is smooth and always goes down easy – 9 out of 10 would recommend.” Nate Christianson, Missoula

“After a day of snowboarding, I like to drink the Peanut Butter Porter from Higherground in Hamilton.” Kelly Whitmoyer, Hamilton 


“During hunting season, I usually go over to Lewistown. I like the Command Bomber IPA from Big Spring Brewing.” Kelly Whitmoyer, Hamilton

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