Indulge your spring fever with these gorgeous outdoor spaces

Early spring in Montana is challenging – even for those of us who grow up here. We get hints of sunshine and the occasional chirp of a spring songbird that can be quickly followed by snowy squalls and biting wind. 

One way we can keep our spirits up during early spring weather is to start planning our outdoor spaces because, soon enough, it will be time to watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee from the deck or watch the sun set with a glass of wine on the patio. 

Here are a few ideas from our current listings to inspire you…

Whitefish Lake 

Atop the captivating view of Whitefish Lake sits this deck that will take you back to your childhood days of tree climbing and tree forts. Relax in the canopy of trees while listening to the forest birds and watching fish rise in the distance. Pull the fresh scent of spring – pine needles and new earth – into your lungs while you read a book, sip some tea, or relax with a beer after a long day. Enjoy work-from-home or weekend lunches under an umbrella while you let the sun heat your back and the breeze cool your skin. How would you arrange your outdoor space if this deck was yours?

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Calming Creekside

Of course, this spectacular home on Fred Burr Creek has a massive deck for maximum outdoor enjoyment, but this Montana retreat really shines in its indoor/outdoor space. This is how to do spring in Montana! Prepare mouth-watering barbeque in the outdoor kitchen, then adjourn to the seating area in front of the impressive rock fireplace. Wall-to-wall windows grant a panoramic view of the creek and any woodland creatures that might be about. Close your eyes and rest your heartbeat to the gurgling sounds of fresh mountain water tumbling over river rock. When it’s time to get some rays, head to the large deck situated above Fred Burr Creek. Wherever you position yourself, you’ll find peace and serenity.

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Whitefish Hills Village

What’s better than one luxurious outdoor space? Why, two, of course. Imagine if the only stressful decision you must make on the weekend is which outdoor space you will relax in – the firepit area in the shade or the generous and comfy patio space? The built-in firepit is the perfect stage for family gatherings, ghost stories, and smores. It’s also the ideal habitat for spring afternoons and evenings where there is still just a bit of a chill in the air. The covered patio invites guests to meander outside, get comfortable, and sink into the faint breeze swirling through the treetops. There is no wrong answer to which outdoor space you will enjoy – both are equally inviting.


Swan Lake

Places like this, with views of the mountains, trees, and Swan Lake, were built for springtime in Montana. No matter what form of outdoor relaxation you are in the mood for, these outdoor spaces deliver the gold standard. Want to sit in the shade of the pines and listen to the lake lap the shore while you read a book? Check. In the mood to sip your coffee while the kids play in the sandbox? Check. Maybe you’re ready to lay in the sun on the dock or enjoy a well-appointed charcuterie board and wine at the picnic table. Check and check. The only problem you may encounter with having so many outdoor spaces to enjoy in a place like this is having enough hours in the day to use them all!


Kat Hobza has lived in Montana since she was nine and was raised in the mountains west of Victor, Montana. There, she learned to hunt, fish, shoot competitively, chop and stack firewood, and drive on icy and muddy roads. Kat has over two decades of experience in professional writing, content, and digital marketing and is a marketing consultant for Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty. When she’s not working, she’s either hanging with her hilarious adult kids or soaking up the sun somewhere – a riverbank, a golf course, or her deck. You can contact Kat through her business website, Way Easy Marketing.


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