What’s New in Missoula?

Missoula is a place surrounded by trials and recreational areas for play. It can sometimes be hard to find a new and exciting outdoor adventure when the tried and true are so appealing. But in the last year, Missoula has welcomed a few new and exciting outdoor opportunities that genuinely embody the Missoula experience.

It is not unusual to see an outdoor store in Montana, nor is it too far-fetched to expect excellent trails and outdoor sites close to Missoula. One store has taken Missoula by storm and changed how Missoula and the surrounding area find the perfect outdoor gear.


Scheels Sporting Goods

Missoula welcomed Scheels All Sports to the Southgate Mall in October of 2021. Scheels, an outdoor sporting goods store, opened its first store in 1902 in Minnesota. Scheels expanded and opened its first all-sports store in 1989. This store quickly became a go-to shop for sporting goods and outdoor gear. Scheels offers more than just running shoes and hiking bags. Spend a few extra minutes exploring, and you can find contemporary women, men, and children’s clothing as well as toys for all ages. Walk further into Scheels, and you will find a children’s play area, a winter sports shop, a bike store, a hunting section, as well as a café. Scheels offers an immersed shopping experience for all ages.


Heights of Hiking

After you spend your afternoon exploring Scheels, there is no better place to try out your new hiking shoes than the new five miles of extended trail added to the Pattee Creek Recreational Area. Five Valleys Land Trust began expanding the already loved Barmeyere and Sousa Trails on the South Hill Spurs to bring us a trail that explores the Mount Dean Stone Corridor. This new trail has been nicknamed the “High, Wide, and Handsome Trail” for its accessibility for hikers of all levels and ample shaded spots for escaping those hot summer hikes! The trail overlooks the Missoula Valley giving hikers and explorers a view that just can’t be topped. Missoula is known for its many hiking trails surrounding the city, but this expansion brings a new perspective to the valley and offers a fun way to explore.


Skating Under the Stars

Once you’ve explored the South Hills, take a quick 15-minute drive back into town to enjoy one of the many new winter additions to the Missoula Valley. The University of Montana introduced the community to an open public ice rink and fire pits in the winter of 2020/2021 and is an opportunity to meet the locals and enjoy some free ice skating. The University of Montana built a truly magical space for all to enjoy. You can’t beat the enjoyable atmosphere created by the stars as you sit back in the cozy Adirondack chair next to the fire pit, warming up while your friends and family skate!

Shopping, hiking, and skating are all wonderful ways to unwind in the Missoula Valley this winter. You can explore all the new features that were welcomed this past year and more, when you begin your next adventure in Missoula!


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