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Did you know that Montana has some of the best breweries around? The atmosphere in all the local breweries is one that is centered around community and welcomes everyone with open arms. One of the best parts of these establishments is that they encourage you to tell your friends about them and bring them with you next time.


KettleHouse Brewing Co. – Southside

Missoula, MT

KettleHouse Brewing Co. is settled in a centralized location on the Hip Strip of Missoula, a cozy location located just before downtown Missoula. Here you can shop for clothing at Bettys Divine, grab a new vinyl record at Ear Candy, and finish your day with a locally brewed beer. While KettleHouse has several seasonal beers, favorites include Cold Smoke, a dark rich ale, and Double Hall IPA which is renowned for its rich hops flavor. At KettleHouse, the hours seem to slip away as you make new friends and reconnect with old ones.

Learn more about Kettlehouse Brewing here.


Philipsburg Brewing Co.

Philipsburg, MT

In 2012 Philipsburg welcomed its first brewery and it was an instant hit. Stop by and be greeted by live music, great beer, and a picturesque outdoor venue. With numerous choices on tap, you’ll be sure to find your next favorite. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Try the Corners Porter Coffee beer. This beer is popular for its unique flavor and hint of coffee. Don’t drink beer? Philipsburg Brewing Co. offers Missoula crafted Nourishing Cultures Kombucha.

Check out Philipsburg Brewing Company here.



Bitterroot Brewing

Hamilton, MT

Looking for adventure? Head down to Bitterroot Brewing for a local beer and lunch. The wide variety of options on their beer menu and food menu are sure to excite. There are options for almost any diet including vegan and gluten-free (there are a few gluten-reduced beers on the menu as well). The wide-open space also makes it accessible for large groups of friends or families. A staple combination at the Bitterroot Brewing Co., the pickle fries and Dirt Church beer are the perfect introduction to the pub.

Check out Bitterroot Brewing here.


What is gluten reduced beer?

Gluten reduced beers are beers that are traditionally brewed with rye, wheat, or barley but add an additional ingredient to break down the gluten molecules in the beer. These beers have an almost undetectable level of gluten but cannot be called gluten free. They are also crafted in the same space as traditional beers so if you are gluten free this is something to keep in mind. Many of the breweries will offer options for those not looking to drink beer.


Smelter City Brewing Co.

Anaconda, MT

Have a friend that doesn’t drink beer or doesn’t enjoy going to breweries? Stop into Smelter City Brewing Co. and try the made-in-house Raspberry Lime Seltzer. This item on the menu can change your entire outlook on breweries. The wide variety of menu items and the fact that the brewery was built in the old Anaconda bank will draw you back to the Smelter City Brewing Co. every time you visit. Looking for that exciting food options? In the small courtyard adjacent to the brewery sits the small taco stand, Anaconda Taco Co., that serves amazing tacos that complement the beers and seltzer perfectly.

Check out Smelter City Brewing here.


Tamarack Brewing Company

Lakeside, MT & Missoula, MT

Looking for a gathering place to plan your next adventure with friends? Try out Tamarack Brewing Company. With nine flagship beers, all inspired by Northwest Montana, you’ll certainly find a new favorite. Whether you’re getting amped for the Montana Grizzlies or on your way back from Glacier National Park, Tamarack Brewing Company is never too far away, with brewpub locations in Lakeside and Missoula.

Learn more about Tamarack Brewing Company here.



These are just a few of the breweries to be enjoyed. If you want to explore more of Montana’s breweries you can buy the Montana Brewery Passport. With this, you can learn all about the breweries around the state. If you are ready to have experiences like these, your “new normal” instead of just a vacation, then take the first step of your adventure and look at some of our beautiful Montana properties here.

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