22 Entertaining Facts About Montana

What it’s like to live in Montana.

(Article from  Alan Woods on Movoto.com)

1.   People Are Few And Far Between

MT Moment

(Source: Glaciersir.com exclusive 1,444 (+/-) acre  Mission Valley Ranch)

If you want alone time, you can sure get it in Montana. It doesn’t really set in until you experience the expansive tracts of empty land and consider someone who lives more than a mile away a neighbor.

2.   In Montana, Firefighters Jump Out Of Planes


Source: Missoula Smoke Jumpers Visitor Center via Facebook

Smoke Jumpers are part firefighter, part parachuter and 100% badass. Is there any other way to fight forest fires? The base in Missoula began in 1954 and currently dispatches 70 jumpers, making it the largest of all smoke jumper bases in the US.

3.    Ranch Isn’t Something To Dip Your Carrots In


(Source: Glaciersir.com 65 Acre Whitefish River Ranch)

Montana’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, including ranching and cereal grain farming. Other significant economic activities include oil, gas, coal and hard rock mining … basically if its back-breaking, they do it. That’s why Montanans laugh when people complain about their fancy-pants office jobs.

4.    ‘Gone Fishing’ Isn’t Just Some Campy Sign


(Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty Real Estate Professional Kelly Laabs with a Bull Trout)

Montana contains thousands of named rivers and creeks, 450 miles of which are known for “blue-ribbon” trout fishing. If Montanans aren’t currently fishing, you can bet they are thinking about fishing.

5.    Montana Is Full Of Skiers


(Source: Whitefish Mountain Resort Night Skiing)

Winter weather makes for happy Montanans. One favorite spot is Montana Snowbowl, an alpine ski area located 12 miles northwest of Missoula. It’s known for long expert runs such as West Bowl.

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