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Imagine The Perfect Setting On Flathead Lake

When you think of Montana the first thing that comes to mind is pristine wilderness, crystal clear water, and unforgettable views.  Imagine the perfect setting on the east shore of Flathead Lake: a quaint cozy beach house nestled on a level gravel beach with a natural rock promontory. Kayaks, paddle boards, and umbrellas are playfully scattered on the beach. The…

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The First Of Its Kind In Rural America

The first of its kind in rural America, A.L.E.R.T transports individuals who are critically injured, even in remote areas. Before 1975 this was not an option in Montana, now this program has flown more than 18,000 missions and saved more than 1,525 lives in the past 42 years. This unique air ambulance picks up patients in the backcountry, roads/highways and…

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Sharing This Amazing State

Originally born in the small town of Attleboro, Massachusetts Crystal Ault spent her weekends as a child at Cape Cod developing a deep love for the ocean. In 1996 Crystal permanently relocated to Missoula, Montana where she has since dedicated herself to her community and family. Crystal’s husband is currently a Battalion Chief at the Missoula Fire Department, and this…

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