A Rare Offering Of Montana Wilderness

Montana… often called Big Sky Country,  The Treasure State & the Last Best Place is compromised of 94,109,440 total acres (145,556 sqr miles). Montana is the only state with a triple divide allowing water to flow into the Pacific, Atlantic and Hudson Bay. This phenomenon occurs at Triple Divide Peak in Glacier National Park.  We are also home to the largest migratory elk herd in the nation.

So why not create a lasting family legacy on 1,080 acres of forested hillsides with a pristine private lake? Lake Monroe is the centerpiece of this rare offering, where the fresh waters of Ashley Creek flows in and out of the 40-acre lake. Riparian zones flush with waterfowl and wildlife including elk and deer. This park-like setting offers fishing, hiking, swimming, and boating–and it’s just 28 miles from Glacier Park International Airport.

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Ashley Lake Rd Kila, MT 59920

A Personal Account Of Adventures On Lake Monroe

“Some of the most cherished experiences of my young years were those of spending the many summers on our family ranch.  I remember diving off our boat dock into the lake for a swim, taking rides in our motor boat, jumping our own waves, or lowering the anchor to enjoy hours of fishing and often watch the otters and beavers in the lake. Bang! The beavers, with the slap of their tail on the water retreated to the shores, it was fun to watch.

I caught my first fish, a rainbow trout (a big one of course) at the age of 10. Wow! I was just so proud. I even baited the hook with a earth worm (it wasn’t easy).

My sister and I loved to ride our horses and with packed lunches and two dogs, off we’d go to explore the beautiful forest and mountains. Often, we’d see a variety of animals, such as: deer, elk, eagles and owls to name a few.  We discovered streams perfect for horses and dogs and bushes of wild blue berries we picked for our mom’s famous pies. I’ll never forget family and friends sitting on our cabins front porch over looking the lake with views of the surrounding mountains.  On one occasion our father pointed out the Northern Lights in the sky, it was magical.

My father taught me so much about the importance of preservation and the protection of all forests and creatures. In turn, my sisters and I were able to show and give our children the best experiences of their lives on our Stuart Family Ranch in Montana.”

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2 Replies to “A Rare Offering Of Montana Wilderness”

  1. It’s a crying shame old folks like me can no longer enjoy ice fishing on Monroe. After 3 decades of preserving the access by careless users, the owner(s) chained the trail to the west side shoreline, ending all chance of further memories there.
    I understand “progress” or “expansion”, or living the dream. Blanket refusal of responsible sportsman use of this favorite place is truly a tragic loss. It just should not be so.

  2. I will reply to myself……..is the “price of privacy” so high and so selfishly reserved for those with the financial resources to banish other Montana residents the opportunity to enjoy the state…which is swiftly being swept up and barred from the general public? Surely, there exist many people who deface and depreciate the natural beauty of our unique geography. That is criminal neglect! Then, there are many others among us who pick up after themselves and appreciate the bounty of fishing and what was once God’s gift, but now reserved for the elites.

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