2600 Bunkhouse Pl , Missoula, MT 59808

2600 Bunkhouse Pl , Missoula, MT 59808
2600 Bunkhouse Pl Missoula, Montana 59808 United States

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Phone: +1 406.550.4131
Phone: +1 406.541.7020
321 North Higgins Avenue
Missoula, Montana 59802 United States
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.31 Acres
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Hellgate Elem
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Build your dream home in Phase 6 at the Ranch Club.. Builders welcome! Something happens when you watch a violet sunset over the western mountains. The air smells sweeter. The sound of kids playing outside is a symphony. The emergencies of the work day aren't that important anymore. Life. Slows. Down. This is the Ranch Club. A community that sits on the site of the historic Deschamps Ranch. A working family ranch that spanned four generations, this was a ranch that celebrated the end of a hard days work with family gatherings around a campfire. Stories were told, music was played and meals were shared. It was a ranch that truly embraced all that Montana had to offer.