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A Passion For Family, Marketing, Outdoors & Negotiation

A native Montanan and lifelong outdoors man, Kelly Laabs of Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty affably shares his passion for the Flathead Valley and all the joy it brings to each family he serves, including his own.  After graduating from the University of Montana with a degree in Business Administration, he combines more than 20 years of proven sales and marketing experience to effectively engage with his clients. I recently got to ask Kelly some questions about what sets him apart as a Real Estate Professional and his ambitions: What do you love most about Montana?

“Most EVERYTHING is incredible about Montana, but I would have to say that it’s the people and the landscape that I’m most drawn to.”

What made you decide to get into real estate?

“Growing up my mother was a broker and my father was a builder so I have been exposed to the industry most of my life.  I have been passionate about architecture and I feel like land and water are our greatest resources. In my mind, there is nothing more romantic than an exceptional recreational ranch. And from a skill set I have always been passionate about marketing, sales, and negotiation so a real estate career has been a great fit. And I have been extremely fortunate to serve many of the clients that I have, as I have truly enjoyed and become great friends with many of them.” 

What are your aspirations? 

“To spend as much time as possible with friends and family, enjoy the activities I’m most passionate about and now that I have a little girl, hopefully introduce and share these things with her. It’s a good life.”

Kelly and his wife are socially active in the community, participating in special events and supporting many good causes around the Valley including CASA, the Tamarack Grief Resource Center, the Samaritan House, and the Watson Children’s Center. What sets you apart as a professional? 

“My fresh, modern approach to marketing. I feel like people want something more compelling than the typical real estate experience. I continually research current market conditions and understanding value has played a key role in my success.  So on a daily basis, that is what I strive for. I believe clients deserve superior service & to enjoy the process.”

As an agent for the renowned Sotheby’s International Realty, Kelly quickly secured his position in the top 1% of the region’s agents.  He also has been recognized as one of Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty’s top 3 agents and #1 in sales in Flathead Valley two years in a row. SEARCH KELLY’S CURRENT LISTINGS AND CONTACT HIM TODAY IF YOU ARE BUYING OR SELLING IN NW MONTANA! You can also learn more about Kelly and his listings on his personal website http://www.kellylaabs.com/

Beau’s Final Bull (Flathead Beacon)

The standing ovation, rippling throughout the packed grandstands at Flathead County Fairgrounds, was loud and proud.

Battling bruised ribs and an injured lung and hobbled by a ruptured wrist tendon that’s undergone multiple surgeries but just won’t fully heal, Beau Hill climbed atop a professional-grade, snot-snorting bull one last time in Kalispell.

He didn’t last eight seconds. He lasted 20 years.




The affable family man from Columbia Falls, who rose to fame as a talented teenager and defied the odds by carving out a spectacular career as one of the best professional bull riders in the world, is finally hanging up the spurs.

Hill, 38, competed on the final night of the PRCA Rodeo at the Northwest Montana Fair on Aug. 19 and received a well-deserved tribute from the crowd, which included family and friends who witnessed his last professional ride in Kalispell.

“I just decided that would be as good a place as any, a hometown rodeo. It was a good spot to do it and it was pretty awesome to do it in front of family and friends,” Hill said.

The following week he traveled to Australia and rode another bull before returning home to his wife, Keri, and their three kids: LaKia, Jace and Jory.

“I’m pretty much going to call it quits,” he said last week after being back with his family.

“I’m not saying I won’t ever get on another bull, but I’m done as a professional. I’m never going to make another run at anything.”

It’s been quite the ride in one of the roughest, most dangerous sports.

Read full Flathead Beacon article by  here.


Distinguished Ranch For Sale – Superior, MT

Living the unforgettable dream of ranching in Montana has never been easier.  New on the market, and offered exclusively by Nikkiel Bjornson Fox of Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty, this quintessential ranch offers 255 acres, a 9,516 Sq Ft newly built main residence, western saloon, guest house and more.
This is what the current owners had to say about their time spent on this exemplary property:
“We purchased Flying H Ranch 14 years ago from an outfitter who used it as his home base and accommodations for clients.  Upgrades began immediately and have been ongoing (not the original plan!).  We renovated the cabin and ranch house, totally gutted and finished out the bunkhouse, added garages, shops, barn and arena and built a saloon.  The entrance was created and the original railroad flatbed car bridge was replaced with a steel I-beam upgrade that looks like a log bridge over the creek.  We moved an old coach stop from Lozeau to use as a sauna and then finally built the main house up the hill from the rest of the ranch.  
Longhorn Kitchen
In the beginning of our ranch owning days we were living in California and then Texas.  The ranch was “home away from home” for our family.  We came the day after school got out for the summer and left the week before school began.  Christmas and usually Thanksgiving were also spent in Montana.  We have 2 daughters and all of their friends have also spent significant time growing up on the ranch.  There was usually a truck full of kids, luggage, and animals full of craziness and plans for the summer heading to Montana in June and the same but a little subdued, sunburned, sometimes bruised or bumped but always happy and full of stories heading back in August.  
Family from all over the country and many friends from abroad have called the ranch home for a few days or a few weeks whether we were with them or sometimes even when we weren’t!  
Longhorn Master
Eventually Montana became full time home for us and we lived in Missoula and ranched part time and on weekends.  And of course continued with the building and improving.  
What began as a getaway and a place to host family in the West has turned into an integral part of who we are. We have had weddings, funerals, graduations, adventures too numerous to count (but always fun to remember with friends and without), reunions and corporate team building events here, just to name a few.
Longhorn Cabin
The ranch is the stage for all of this drama and a leading lady in it’s own right.  Everyone that comes has their own favorite place to stay on the ranch.  We built the saloon as a gathering point so the people who want to visit and be social have a great place to do so and hang out, and those looking for a little peace and quiet can retire to their lodging and have their private space.  It has worked out just that way.  
Longhorn Saloon
I love sitting on the porch of the saloon looking over the creek as the evening rolls in watching people peel off in ones and two and walk back to the cabin or bunkhouse, calling out goodnights and plans for breakfast.  The stars here are the brightest I have ever seen and we are often all standing around in the dark looking up at the sky.  
The airport is 50 minutes away, as is Missoula shopping and dining.  You are on a boat on Flathead in an hour and 1/2, the same for Lake Coeur D’Alene, and the Spokane airport is 2 hours door to door.  Our daughter now lives in Seattle and that’s a cool 6 with one stop for gas.  Yet the backcountry hiking and exploring right out our door is second to none.  High mountain lakes with fantastic fishing, the Clark Fork River public access 3 minutes away, rafting, whitewater, and wildlife everywhere.  There are days when I can’t let the dogs out in the morning until the turkeys/deer/elk/etc. have wandered away from the house.  I’ve sat in the bushes beside the pond taking pictures of 2 otters that showed up out of no where, listened to a herd of cow elk “talk” to their calves as they moved through our place, and watched a mountain lion come in for a drink from the pond by the light of the moon.  We sleep out on the screen porch from March to November, hear coyotes and wolves at night, elk mewing and deer snorting, and get woken up by birds in the morning, often a raven in a tree near the porch telling us to quit laying around and get on with our day.  We have had a yearling moose calf adopt us as a foster family after his mom kicked him off in favor of the new calf until he felt confident enough to go it on his own.  We haven’t seen a bear in a couple of years on our place, but a few years ago one came in thinking my grilled ham and cheese lunch smelled good enough for investigation.  
Loghorn exterior
The ranch is magic.  We built a pond and beaver showed up (from where?).  You water the soil and darn near anything grows.  My roses look fantastic, the berries and vegetable do well in the garden, and on a wet spring there are wildflowers in the woods.  We even dug a hole for a pump house and hit a vein of black sand with gold flakes (fun to see which visitors get totally into the panning).  We found out from the neighbors that there is an old prohibition era still site on the back of the property (we found an old stove door and some bottles).  We have numerous favorite places for evening cocktails at the end of a busy day; the walk bridge over the stream, the tent platform, the deck of the sauna, Elk Point where we use a tree stump for a table and keep folding chairs there in the woods all summer.  The number of hummingbirds in the summer are only limited (from what I can see) by how often you can fill the feeders.  The ranch can gracefully host 25 or more people and is just a blast when there is that much activity, but is also wonderful when you are the only one here and have the luxury of enjoying it one on one.
Thinking about selling is very bittersweet for us.  The ranch is our favorite place.  We are heartbroken to think about not having it be the headquarters for our family, and yet we have fully enjoyed it and embraced it for the past 14 years.  The dynamic of our extended family has changed and many of them are now Montana residents full time.  Some can no longer travel to see us and now it is our turn to go to them.  It may perhaps be time for a new lucky family to enjoy this fantastic place in the best place on earth and call it home (at least for part of the year) for their family. ” 

NHL Investor Lists Montana Ranch for $26.7 Million

Featured Today In The Mansion Section of The Wall Street Journal

” Bill Foley, the longtime deal maker and an investor in the NHL’s newest franchise, has listed his 21-acre Montana ranch for $26.7 million, said listing agent Ross Pickert with Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty.

In Whitefish, a northwestern ski town near the Canadian border, the forested property includes an 11,500-square-foot lodge-style home, three roughly 1,200-square-foot guest cabins and a day cabin with more than 1,260 feet of lake frontage”

Read complete Wall Street Journal article here.

(Video & photo credit Birds Eye of Big Sky)

This is a rare opportunity to own one of Whitefish Lake’s premier estates. Majestic home with elegance and beauty in every aspect. Hand hewn timbers, native stone and the finest finishes provide a warm and inviting home.

Foley 2

(365 Delrey Rd Whitefish, MT)

Significant entertainment options with billiards room, home theatre, fitness room and wine room. Privacy abounds on 21 forested acres with nearly 1/4 mile of lakeshore. A creek and pond lie near the 3 guest cabins. Lakeside day cabin enhances the extensive outdoor living areas .


(More photos & details)

Contact Ross Pickert for more details406.253.2148 or rpickert@glaciersir.com

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